What All Brides Should Look for in a Boise Wedding Planner

It’s not every day that you get to plan your dream wedding, but doing so without a wedding planner can be a bit stressful. Luckily, hiring a wedding planner in Boise, Idaho couldn’t be easier. If you’re one of the lucky people getting married in Idaho or the surrounding areas, we’ve got you covered with what to look for before hiring a Boise wedding planner. 

Initial Consultation

A free consultation is typically pretty standard with Boise wedding planners, but if someone doesn’t offer a free consultation it might be a bit of a red flag. Sometimes just speaking over the phone or seeing them online is enough, but trying to meet in person is a great way to determine if they are a good fit for you. Schedule a meeting to go over what your initial thoughts are, your budget, and your overall wedding vibes. This will help you determine if this wedding planner is a good fit and will be able to make your wedding go smoothly. 


This can be a big factor when determining your Boise wedding planner. Making sure you get along and enjoy being around your wedding planner is important. Afterall, you will be spending an average of one year together working to plan your wedding! Make sure you’re comfortable with them and that you can communicate effectively with one another. This will be key in making sure your wedding day runs smoothly.

Included Services

Your Boise wedding planner services can make or break who you want to work with. Be sure you know what type of help you are looking for before you meet with potential planners. Some brides prefer to only have a day-of coordinator while others enjoy having a full-service wedding planner. Figure out what you actually have time and budget for and what you feel like you can’t tackle yourself. Sometimes it’s a good idea to let your potential wedding planner know what your planning or creative strengths are. This will help to see if their expertise can help where you’re skills are lacking and if their service packages fit into your vision. 

Planner’s Background

Check out your planner’s online presence beforehand to see what weddings they've done in the past and what you think about their aesthetic and vibe. This will help you determine if they would be a good fit to plan your wedding. See if they’ve done weddings at venues you like, or have worked with couples with a similar style. This will help when determining who you want to work with for your event. 

Preparedness & Initial Response Time

Learning how prepared and responsive your wedding planner is in the beginning will probably be a testament to how responsive and prepared they will be throughout the wedding process. Make sure you like the way they communicate and try figuring out how you would prefer to communicate with them through the wedding planning process.  

Willingness to Travel and Knows the Area

This may not be the most important step, but it can be a valuable one. Is your potential wedding planner willing to travel and do they have contacts in the area? Many times wedding planners are willing to travel to other states and venues to manage your wedding. Destination weddings are popular and some wedding planners may not be able to travel for your wedding. Make sure your planner can travel to your wedding if a destination wedding is what you’re looking for. 

Are you looking to hire a Boise wedding planner soon? Feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation by visiting our website or instagram to see our wedding portfolio and how we can work with you!